Saturday, December 10, 2011

You Are A False Rape Accusation Supporter If ...

For close to seven months now, there has been a blog post festering in the hairy armpit of the radfemosphere that takes the notion that "all men are rapists" and kicks it up to new levels of insanity. Anything and everything makes a man a rape supporter, whether it's being against abortion or being for abortion for "the wrong reasons", to having a type of woman he's attracted to (of course, women can have the same beliefs and behaviors and it doesn't matter because, unlike all men who are overflowing with privilege, all women are powerless, helpless, fragile little creatures who have no choices about or control over their own lives, etc.)

Naturally, this has been ripped to shreds numerous times. This Google search for the post's title shows the original post as the first result, followed by several thousand responses of people showing their well-founded disgust. And it's not over yet. For opponents of Radical Female Supremacy, that train wreck of a post is the gift that keeps on giving.

Most recently it inspired this post by Ginko of Genderratic, showing the absurdity of the original post if the genders were reversed. In the comments section there Adibat made a comment that inspired the post you are reading now, suggesting "it might be entertaining to make a 'A woman is a false-rape accuser if she…'” and giving some of the points to get such a list started. So I took Adibat's idea and added to it to create the following (I changed the title since I think both sexes should be held to the same standards, even if the men who fit this list really are helpless, pathetic little worms making useless attempts to please there mistresses):

You are a false-rape-accusation supporter if you… 

  1. Call men rapists even if there is not enough evidence to bring them to trial.
  2. Automatically believe anyone (or at least any woman) who claims to have been raped
  3. Support leaving the definition of legal rape as penetration (as if the enveloper can't be the rapist).
  4. Claim that women never lie about rape.
  5. Believe that rape accusers should be given anonymity but the accused should not.
  6. Believe that every detail about the past of a man accused of rape is relevant and should be broadcast to the world, but that gaping holes in the credibility of woman making the accusation (a history of lying, past attempts at blackmail, an agenda that the man stands in the way of, even a history of making false rape accusations) should be ignored. 
  7. Claim that women who accuse men of rape are never believed, while men accused of rape always are.
  8. Distrust someone acquitted of rape. 
  9. Applaud vigilante justice against rape suspects. 
  10. Believe that if a man and a woman drink and/or take drugs together, get equally intoxicated, have sex against both of their better judgements (but both appear willing to each other), and both wake up regretting it the next day she is a victim and he is a rapist.
  11. Claim that if a man serves as little as one glass of wine with dinner to a woman with whom he later has sex, he is "plying her with alcohol" and therefore a rapist.
  12. Call people "rape apologists" for disagreeing with or just asking for clarification about your position.
  13. Claim that paying for sex is the same as forcing the person being paid to have sex.
  14. Claim that persuading someone to have sex is the same as forcing that person to have sex.
  15. Claim that watching videos of men and women paid to have sex with each other is the same as raping the women.
  16. Claim that when men and women are paid to have sex on video the men are raping the women, even if the men and women are in the same circumstances and the men are paid less.
  17. Claim that looking at nude photographs of women is the same as rape.
  18. Claim that women who choose to have sex and/or pose nude for money are no different than those who are kidnapped and forced to have sex or pose nude.
  19. Claim that adult women who choose to have sex and/or pose nude for money are no different than children who are forced to have sex or pose nude.
  20. Claim that jokes about rape contribute to "rape culture."
  21. Believe that the mere mention of rape by mythological creatures in an imaginary video game in a comic strip contributes to "rape culture."
  22. Believe that rape culture exists.
  23. Believe that all heterosexual intercourse is rape (of a woman by a man).
  24. Say you don't believe that all heterosexual intercourse is rape but believe that "male pleasure is inextricably tied to victimizing, hurting, exploiting; that sexual fun and sexual passion in the privacy of the male imagination are inseparable from the brutality of male history."
  25. Claim that penis-in-vagina intercourse  is "problematic" for women, because it causes pregnancy, the worst condition any human has ever known, and because "it's not even sex anyway" because women never enjoy it.
  26. Call penis-in-vagina intercourse "PIV". (I wonder if that might be intended to call to mind something else).
  27. Claim that while "penis-in-vagina" is the worst thing that a woman could possibly experience, penis in a woman's anus or mouth, and possibly even in a woman's hand, are also horrible and might as well be called rape, too
  28. Say that a man showing interest in a woman - that may or may not be sexual - in an "enclosed space" (like a subway car or an elevator) is like threatening to rape her.
  29. Say that a man pointing out that a woman is not really "trapped" in an elevator if there is no one blocking her access to the buttons and the door, is proof that man is an out of touch misogynist.
  30. Think Schodinger's Rapist is anything other than someone who raped someone named "Schrodinger"
  31. Have ever falsely accused someone of rape.
  32. Find this post offensive.
I'm sure there are many more items that could go on this list. If anyone reading this can think of any, please add them in comments.