Monday, July 21, 2008

Second Attempt

This is my second attempt at blogging. My first blog which was started about two years ago began with a lot of passionate energy, but that soon fizzled out and the blog fell by the wayside. The blog was called "Extreme Rage" and used the url I know that url must give the impression that I am some kind of fundamentalist or other religious fanatic. I am not, nor was I at the time. I was raised Catholic and currently don't consider myself a member of any particular religion, though I do believe that some kind of God, or at least some being that transcends this universe exists. I don't know if there is a heaven or a hell, but I'd like to think some type of afterlife exists. And if there is justice anywhere in the cosmos there would have to be a place of punishment for the many rotten people who get away with horrible deeds in this world. A big "if" I admit, but thinking of people who create misery for others screaming in agony and making unheeded pleas for mercy does make life more bearable.

But neither this blog nor the old one is not about religion. This blog like "Extreme Rage" is about politics. Unfortunately, I deleted the previous blog. Now I wish I hadn't since, while it was not that great, and by now mostly outdated, it would be nice to have a record. But anyway, this like the previous blog this is about protecting liberty and the United States Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Lately our own government has been a far greater threat to our freedom than foreign tyrants and terrorists, though we should not forget that there are people from other parts of the world who wish to harm us and our way of life, even if we don't like our governments methods of "defending" us. I hope to get to that in more detail in a future post.

The point is I have been wanting to create a new blog covering the same points as the old one, but with the idea that while they're are still plenty of things to be angry about, that life is not all bad, people are not all bad, and it helps to keep a balanced perspective. So for about a month I tried to think of a name for my new blog. Then it came to me as I was reading responses made to comments I made on another blog. These did not come from the author of the blog, who despite our differences, I have generally found to be polite and civil. However, some of the other commenters on "Womanist-musings" concluded that since I, and some other commenters questioned the wisdom of the welfare state and praised people who were able to rise above difficult circumstances through personal responsibility are "fucktard trolls": (comments 34 & 35 have the term, starting with any comment from 6 onward should give the context).
I changed the word in this title to "funktard" not because I have a problem with salty language, but because I thought it would be more in keeping with my attempt to make this blog less hostile and more light-hearted.

So there is my introduction. I hope to get into more substance, beginning with the next post, soon.


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